cur. exhibition

time loops


2020-09-19 - 2020-11-07
opening: Saturday, September 19, 2020, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. The artist is present.

In her exhibition entitled TIME LOOPS, ANETT STUTH shows her new series as juxtaposed parallel worlds.

In her series FEHLFARBEN (since 2017) she photographs the increasing illustration and lettering of old, disappearing urban landscapes, e.g. in London, Berlin, Vienna, Los Angeles, Marseille, etc. The resulting images of the diverse but very short-lived collages in real space are condensed or satirized with their own small color insertions with a brush.

In the other new series MELTED TIME, EX EX PARADISE and JUST A POSTCARD (since 2019), Stuth creates in a quiet and humorous way, collages and wall installations on the recurring themes of human history such as the beauty and sublimity of nature, but also its transience and destruction.

  • Aus der Serie FEHLFARBEN (Wien, Donauufer 1), 2019, Fotografie, übermalt, Aufl. 3 Unikate + 2 e.a.

slow paintings


2020-09-19 - 2020-11-07
opening: Saturday, September 19, 2020, 12 am - 4 pm. The artist is present.

DIRK SALZs artistic work treats human perception in various forms, or the inadequacy of the mind that shapes this perception.

The layered structure of the often-transparent picture surface allows the story of the creation of the picture and thus time to be experienced in a new form. Reflections that sometimes occur disrupt the strict compositions, which are based on coherence. They are the wanted part of this work, which is not controllable because of its location and situation. Recognizing the "actual picture" is actually impossible. The resulting irritation "what is in the picture and what is reflection?" Is an integral part of this work and transforms our usual idea of a "static" picture into a new dynamic interpretation.

Other, primarily gray-white or pastel works are characterized by a special depth and extreme calm. The matt surface blurs the contours and thus the definiteness of the composition and lets the viewers gaze sink contemplatively into the picture.

  • # 2553, 2020, Pigment und Kunstharz auf Multiplex, Durchmesser 90 cm